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Freitag, 29. April 2011

Hippie [Princess Vanessa]

Vanessa Hudgens, famous by High School Musical, just broke up with Co-Star Zac Efron, lovely, sweet and awesome! Her style is comfortable, casual and cute, she likes the Hippie style. Just look the post below! Here are some pics of her wearing this kind of clothes.

But Hippie isn't just a kind of fashion, but kind of music and a whole lifestyle too! Peace, Love and Liberty, y'all! If I could chose a time at 20th century I wanna go to, I'd definetely chose the Flower Power. My imagination is like fun, peace, summer and stuff.

And I wanna show you this cool outfit what I found on the German celebrity blog

1 Hat, Tally Weijl, 13€
2 Sunglasses, H&M, 10€
3 Cropped Top, C&A, 9€
4 Leather necklace, Perilicious, 90€
5 fringe bag, Accessorize, 120€
6 maxi skirt, Traffic People, 200€
Espandrilles, C&A, 12€

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