Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Pastel & Cotton Candy

Y'all know that the most of us are obviously obsessed with their hair. I belong to them. To you. We cut it, dye it, straighten it, curl it, we have endless opportunities.
A thing I've been watchin' for like a year is pastel hair, or cotton candy hair. You're running around with a marshmallow head, actually. And it looks great, if you're dedicated to Rock'N'Roll and not to...Bitch'N'Roll?!
My favorite are these light pink, so just pastel pink, and apricot. If I wouldn't have dark hair, I'd instantly go to barber's. But I've got already got it dyed red, and I don't wanna damage my hair totally. But to all the blonde's out there: do it! And if I'm a grandma with gray hair someday, I'm gonna change it to pink hair.

Yeah, I know y'all can tell this is fake cuz Dianna Agron so wore a darker pink, but doesn't she look adorable?

This is totally what I mean. I don't know who this is cuz I found her photos on the internet without any name, but she looks so pretty and not trashy at all cuz she's just natural with her make-up and clothes. I love it!

Well, my favorite, totally cotton candy pink.

Actually, nearly pink, but you could say apricot.

The way Katy Perry wears it now. Blue's cool!

Purple could make you look really pale, but some can handle it ;)

Green is a bit too weird for me. Although the color's cool it could make you look sickly.