Freitag, 27. Mai 2011

Aloha, Bandeau!

Maybe you already heard that Jelena are spending some time together in Hawaii, but it's not the kiss that I wanna talk about (okay, maybe I wanna talk bout the kiss too, cuz they're so cute!!), but Selena's awesome bandeau bikini top. And the summer's comin', not as fast as in Hawaii, but it's comin' (tho here in Germany it's raining). What you need to look like her: a hot body and one of these pretty bandeau bikinis:

bikinis above:

bikinis above: Free People

Dienstag, 24. Mai 2011

Best Dressed Billboard Awards

Y'all know bout the Billboard Awards. It was two days ago in Las Vegas, and the biggest stars of the music scene went to the famous award show. But not just music matters, there's also a big posse of fashion. Here are the best dressed of the Billboard Awards 2011.

Selena Gomez, beautiful as always, in a long black Dolce & Gabbana dress and Giuseppe zanotti heels

Justin Bieber, who came with his girlfriend Selena, shines out (as only man) in a gold tuxedo with black pants and black sneakers, and a bit skinny, isn't he?!

Taylor Swift, with straighted hair and a glittering Elie Saab dress.


Beyonce in a simple black Lanvin dress and Louboutins.

Rihanna in a masculine white costume by Max Azria.

Nicki Minaj underlines her hips with a tight light blue Mark Fast jumpsuit.

Fergie in a short black Herve Leger dress.

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

About Eliza Doolittle

The 22-yo British newcomer, born as Eliza Caird has just released her album "Eliza Doolittle" and her singles "Skinny Genes", "Pack Up" and "Rollerblades". I really like her voice and her songs and her fashion style too. In the video "Pack Up", she wears high waisted shorts with a top and it looks totally beautiful with her curly hair and the atmosphere in the video.

News Break

When The Sun Goes Down

I totally loved her last two albums "A Year Without Rain" and "Kiss & Tell", and on June 28th Selena Gomez' new album is gonna release. It includes her singles Who says, and the upcoming singles Bang Bang Bang (June 7th) and Love You Like A Love Song (June 21st). And on June 14th, the Spanish version of Who Says is gonna release, Dices. I'm so excited for this single, cuz I love how she sings in Spanish. Listen to Un Ano Sin Ver Llover, the Spanish version of A Year Without Rain and you're gonna understand it.
Feather Extensions

Hollywood loves feather extensions. It looks hippie-like, natural and so sweet. The design students Sara Beard and Megan Paquette founded their label ChicNHeadZ and now they're popular in the IN scene. The kit includes 5-6 assorted feathers, a hair threading hook, and 2 extension beads. It also includes easy to follow, step-by-step instructions with pictures.
ChicNHeadZ, 19€

Tron: Legacy

I watched this film in the movies, and I loved it. The special effects and the music were awesome. Now it comes out as DVD and Blu-ray, maybe you should choose Blu-ray, cuz of this kind of film., Blu-ray 19,99€; DVD 14,99€

Balenciaga Heels

I totally fell in love with these great Balenciaga heels. I love wedge heels, especially high, and these cool colors make me goin crazy!
Balenciaga, 495€

Swatch by Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott designed three extravagant watches for the limited Swatch Fashion Collection. I love the Winged Swatch on the left side, like the Adidas ObyO JS Sneakers.
Swatch by Jeremy Scott, 50€

Touch of Magic - Lip Paint

This lipstick is green. But he changes to pink. Why? The alkali content of our lips defines how strong the pink shade is. The 'Touch of Magic - Lip Paint' is water resistant, stays and cares 8 hours.
Barry M, 6€


The transparent 'Candy' bags are amazing for every girl who's always searching her stuff in her bag. 'Candy' is made of PVC and has enought space for all your stuff.
FURLA, 170€

Stars & Stripes

A cool way to show your love to the USA. Shorts, Jeans and Tops with Stars & Stripes on em. Topshop designs many pieces like this, the cropped shirt for example. Tip: Fitting with the Stras & Stripes Coloud headphones below.

Coloud Headphones

The funny colored headphones with Spongebob, Stars & Stripes, Hello Kitty and Peace on em are the best way to listen music and be stylish. Coloud

Shoulder Free

Shoulder free tees were IN in the 80s, and now again! Ariana Grande on her way to Starbucks in a comfortable Free Spirit tee of Gypsy 05.


Everybody loves the Divina, a bag made of jeans, robustly and big. The Diesel bag is sold out in Germany, soon in three new versions available.
Diesel, 290€-380€

Fashion Coke

Karl Lagerfeld already designed some bottles for Coca Cola, here are the new ones.

Finding Mr. Bright

The new Benefit beauty kit 'Finding Mr. Bright' includes glam cream, mousse rouge, concealer and highlighter.
Benefit, 37€

Car Lashes

How cute is that? The Car Lashes are for giving every car a feminine touch. There are pink or silver glitter eyeliner too and lips are coming soon., 18€

Comme des Garçons' Play

The Japanese fashion label "Comme des Garçons" by Rei Kawakubo is trending in Hollywood. The label was famous from beginning, so I don't wonder why. The most popular line is 'Play' what includes a heart with eyes on it. On tees, on shoes, on cardigans,... This lovely heart is loved by celebrities, lets show some examples...

Justin Bieber, wearing this tee in private and on stage. On the second picture with a cool Marc Jacobs jacket.

Jaden Smith and family, wearing a white-red version of 'Play', with family. He's a friend of Justin, and I saw Dan Kanter, his guitarist, wearing a black 'Play' tee in Berlin on stage two months ago. Justin influences his friends...

Joe Jonas, disney star wearing this black-red version. Nuff said. Comme des Garçons even did a collaboration with Allstar Converse and the result is pretty cool.

Put a heart sticker on your car, and it's a Comme des Garçons car.

Even a fragrance called 'Play' released and established.

Another funny version of 'Play'