Freitag, 18. November 2011

My tumblr

After my best friend sent me a link to a tumblr blog, I decided to create a tumblr for posting fotos or short texts and quotes. It's called "Liberty Wind", you can see it here

Sonntag, 13. November 2011

News Break


Leighton Meester stars in the new commercial for Lovestruck by Vera Wang, wearing a beautiful berry dress by Vera Wang.
Here is the TV commercial and an interview with Leighton.

Talk That Talk

After Rihanna's Number 1 single "We Found Love" ft. Calvin Harris, her new album "Talk That Talk" releases on November 18th. It includes "We Found Love", "You Da One" that's been trending on twitter yesterday and many other cool songs. I already own three CDs of her and I'm so excited about the new album cuz I loved "We Found Love"! Must-have!

Versace for H&M

Guess y'all saw the commercials of Versace for H&M. Well, I expected more. These two are the only clothes I like and H&M alone designed prettier clothes (if you saw the commercial!!). But I must admit I don't like Versace as much as other labels like D&G, Marchesa or Jeffrey Campbell. And these two are really pretty. In Germany, the collection starts selling on December 17th at 8 am. Hurry up, the line will be loooong! I'd go, but I'm not even sure if our H&M store has the collection and I have to go to school, so I probably have to quit.

The Twilight Saga 1-3

The 3 Disc Limited Edition includes not only the movies, but also a negative image inversion of a movies scene of "Breaking Dawn - Part 1", so you can get a huge photo for your wall. It releases on November 21th.

One Piece

The Norwegina label's OnePieces are perfect for lying on the couch. Though, Justin Bieber and One Direction seem to feel pretty comfortable on the streets. Okay.
From 120€ to 180€,

Selena Gomez - EMAs

Sorry, I know, I'm late, but I had two tests in French and Latin last week, so I had to learn. Too much.

Here are some of the dresses Selena Gomez wore while doing her job as host at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast.

Totally my favorite - sparkling and purple to indigo blue: awesome!

Her red carpet oufit was Marchesa. She said "I feel like a swan", and she looks like one too.

Not everything that's looking beuatiful must be expensive - Selena wears Topshop shorts.

The red suits her totally and together with the high heels - amazing!!

Selena in a Felder Felder runway dress.

A green - Selena's favorite color - dress by Betsey Johnson.

She wears Moschino.

Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

I whip my hair back and forth...

On Saturday I'm gonna dye my hair red, as red as Ariana Grande's. Yay, I'm so excited!!

Here are some amazing hairdos I wanna show you.

Really interesting is this rainbow thing. I really love it, but I wouldn't wear it. Too much work. But it looks really beautiful, I mean, it says kinda "I love life", doesn't it?

I love this variant of the rainbow colors - only the hair-ends! But I guess that only works when you're blonde. And the two pictures of the same girl wearing the same clothes but having two different hair colors are obviously fake, it looks funny though. But the blonde girls with the pink and purple hair-ends - nice! I really think, that colored-hair-ends-thing is a blonde-thing. It just looks good if you have light hair.

My favorite - only one bright color. Especially red and pink. Never wrong. In London I saw so many different hair colors - red, purple, pink, even green!

Pastel colors - very pretty. Especially that lavender one. But you have to be pale to wear it.

Different colors - like the rainbow colors: much work - are also really pretty, no matter if they match or are the total opposite.

Some pretty braided queues - the blonde one looks amazing, and so this wavy braided line through the hair.

Seems like many girls have the need to show their hair - well, it looks pretty!

Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Hat Break

It's gettin' colder, guys! Here are the cutest, funniest and prettiest hats to keep your head warm in the winter days.


The Panda hat was fastly old out and even faster when Katy Perry was seen wearing it in the River Island stores. Since then many companies reproduced it like Topshop and C&A. This times it's hard to get, maybe on ebay.

Xmas Tree

This pretty hat is one of my favorites. The cute details and the star on the top... and it's just unique, and a great idea!, $34


I found this cute reindeer hat on a blog called Owl in the dark. She made this hat by herself and you can get more information here.


Another way to express that you love cupcakes - we already had bracelets, rings and earrings... To buy in three colors., $30


Doesn't remind you the lion hat of anything?? Think...think...Luna Lovegood's hat in Harry Potter! Nice! And the cute monkey is also pretty cool! And so the other variant of the panda hat!, $18


Um, well... If you wear this hat you're either really courageous and love to try new things or you're a real jokster or... you must really love turkey. Really. Hey, or may you just love food...or Thanksgiving!?, $30