Freitag, 29. April 2011

It's Spring, Babe!

So now, I don't know where you live and I don't have many readers. But where I live, it's spring. It's spring and that means, almost-summer. The sun shines and you wanna wear your new dress, but it's too cold. Some days are hot like it's summer, some days are rainy like it's fall and you're pissed off cuz you have to change your outfit a thousand times. We all know that. But grab your dress and shorts and wear it with tights, grab your tee and wear it with a cardigan. It's not the same, but maybe it looks even better cuz your legs are too white cuz of the winter. And if you don't have tights or cardigans: Beauty knows no pain! And use the beuatiful days to meet your friends, go with em to mall or make a trip with em to a city or go to the zoo like you were when you were younger. And take many photos! But there is this stupid thing called school. Used as a catwalk, cliché like Girls Club and Gossip Girl (but we are not as rich as they are), bitches, machos, stupid teachers, bad grades, your lover that don't love you and the daily trouble. Well, I'm straggeling... But the point is: Catwalk! Use ur life as a catwalk. So here are my favorite looks of that spring looks I hyped on lookbook.

Kasia wears a Motel Rocks Dress, a Doc Martens leather jacket and a H&M hat. Well, not too cold in the leather jacket right?

Keidy wears a beautiful high heels with a suitable flowered dress, a pink cardigan and a classic Chanel bag.

Michele wears a plaid shirt, jeans hot pants and white peep toes. I love her furry charm on the bag, but the peep toes are unsuitable, aren't they?

A beautiful flowered dress with a light brown leather jacket, both Yes or No.

I love that mustered shorts with the simple white short and black tights and that boom-like high heels! And again a furry charm.

Michele wears classy H&M tights, vintage shorts and a Rolling Stones tee, really cool for spring, and for summer without tights.

Shea wears Christian Louboutin heels and a shredded top by

Eduardo is classy for everyday in skinny jeans, boots and a white shirt.

Mike wears shredded back pants with a tee and jeans jacket.

Ebba wears a Vero Moda Skirt with a Vila top in same colors with 2 Hand boots.

She wears a flowered H&M skirt with shoes in white socks.

The same skirt like before, but Gojane Boots.

She wears a Kii vest with H&M hot pants and H&M tanktop and H&M hat.

Ebba wears a beautiful 2hand skirt, a Monki body and shoes with simple black tights.

Ebba wears jeans hot pants, boots, a tee with a vest, everything from 2 Hand.

Gojane Boots with black tights (H&M) and a Monki scarf, covered with the night sky.

Ebba wears a Kii dress with tights and knee high socks, both H&M, and boots.

Adam wears an oversized knit scarf and a striped cardigan, both H&M.

He wears 80spurple glasses, a vintage flannel, a metropark military backpack and a garconchic tee.

Big ditalegends sun glasses, a H&M messenger bag and Versace scarf.

Adam wears a Heritage 1981 beanie, a The Who tee and classy red Converse sneakers.

My absolute favorite cuz of the scarf. With a The Who tee and rings.

Today's listening tip: Ke$ha - Goodbye, what greeted me on Adam Gallagher's blog. A complete different side of Ke$ha.

Awesome Quotes

Here are some wonderful quotes I took of off Some of em are senseless, some are funny, some are true, some are sad, some are lovely, some are cute. But they're all worth much so please treat it good. Seriously, take care of it. And I guess, today I spent too much time with blogging, but I had nothin better to do cut I look like a hamster. My cheeks are soo big cuz of the dentist. Don't ask. Enjoy!