Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012


It's been a while since I posted the last time, and I haven't updated with the photos of Paris yet, sorry. I'm at a new school, so I'm a little stressed out with studying and society things.

Since my Dad has a huge tattoo on his upper arm, and my role models (Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato) also have a couple tattoos, I can't stop thinking about it. I even made myself a folder with tattoos I want to get in the future. Now I'm at 15 to 16 I'd like to get, but like 8 of them I will definitely get, including a few song titles, movie quotes, a feather, some hearts, an infinity sign, a yin yang sign and the word "beautiful". You might say I'll have a load of sins of my youth in the future, but I barely change my mind, and I've been planning some of these tattoos for years. I'll get my first one, a little heart, in 10 month if I have no E or F in my school certificate.

You may know I'm a reader of Epiphany in Swansea and she also has a tattoo on her back. But before, she ordered a couple fake tattoos from this Swedish website (they deliver worldwide for € 3,50) which I remembered today. Since I'll have to wait for 10 months to be really inked, I ordered some.

I was really excited about the infinity/love sign cuz that's exactly what I want as a real tattoo. Same about the BELIEVE, if you know about my Justin Bieber craziness. The lock is really funny, I saw a picture of it on tumblr, and here it is! The birds are actually a freebie, I wouldn't have bought it, but since it's free ... you know ;)
I already know that I'll be sad when they are all used.

They also have lip tattoos, a couple of "fashion" tattoos, skulls, etc. They even offer custom tattoos, 100 for €150.

A good way if you're not old enough to get a real tattoo or don't wanna have it forever :)

P.S. It was time for a font change ...