Montag, 24. Oktober 2011


I'm updating my iPod Touch with the new iOs.5. Already got it? ... Well, I have time now, and today, I saw in my best friends' magazine Myself one of the most beautiful dresses I ever saw, maybe even the most beautiful (above worn by Olivia Wilde at the Golden Globe's). It's by Marchesa, a label which founded by Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Their clothes are mostly sold at Bergdorf's and Saks in New York City (who reads Gossip Girl knows what I'm talking about), but also on Net-A-Porter and at Neiman Marcus. But Marchesa is worn by many celebrities. Just a few examples below.

Miley Cyrus, wearing a simple beige dress and in the right picture, she's wearing one of my favorite dresses with a big bow on the back.

Rihanna in an extraordinary Haute Couture dress.

Hailee Steinfeld, wearing a classic white dress.

Selena Gomez in a simple, but pretty creation by Marchesa.

Leighton Meester, courageous enough to wear a special black jumpsuit.

Taylor Swift, wearing a lavender dress with flower embroideries.

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Ebba for Bershka Spain

The famous blogger from Sweden has already been on a tee, and here's the second one! Bershka Spain asked her for a shooting and here's the result! A cool black&white pullover with a funny print on it. Must-have in fall!

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

I love Shoes, Shoes & Shoes

Sneaker Heels

When I saw these shoes in the British InStyle, I instantly wanted them. I love sneakers and I love high heels, and that's the perfect combination, isn't it? They're so pretty! And you can wear them with a dress or jeans!
D&G, 285€
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Zip Shoo

The "Zip Shoo" by Berlin's Miroike are functional: You can wear it with a bigger heel or a smaller heel. They don't look like the greatest shoes in the world. But it's a good idea, isn't it? I mean, every girl loves high heels, but the girls' feet probably don't like it.
Miroike, Unknown Price

Louis Vuitton's Fetish

I've always hated gumboots. They're ugly and uncomfortable. But maybe I like this one?! The Louis Vuitton gumboots have an 30 cm heel and they look good. But I guess, they're not comfortable. Really not.
Louis Vuitton, 670€