Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012

Piste Glow

While snowboarding, one of my favorite things to do, I prefer the style "Simple pants, flashy jacket". And I'm not the only one. Nearly every snowboarder does that, no matter if girl or boy. So here one of the coolest labels for ski and snowboaring fashion.



Duvetica, the classic one. Not only for piste, but also for the streets. Nearly every celebrity got one for the windy, cold days. Yup, celebrities. You know why? Cuz they all got that hot shape that you need to have to wear this. But on piste, everyone looks kinda pudgy, so, don't care! They are simple, but the bright colors make them perfect to stand outta the snow.

Jet Set

Jet Set, a label from Switzerland, becomes more and more popular at the pistes. The neon colors are not the only reason: The pants and jackets are warm and comfy, but also tailored small so you can to accent your actually well shaped body.


Roxy was first founded as a surf label, but then was expanded to snowboard and skate clothes. It is known for cool and bright patterns and many different styles.


Also known for bright colors and first founded as a surf label, Billabong's pretty similar to Roxy and also one of the number ones in ski and snowboarding clothes.


The label, from Switzerland like Jet Set, is known for the characteristic star, cuz Zimtstern means star-shaped cinnamon bisquit. Yup. In Germany, we have a better, shorter name for that tasty cookie :). But also cool stripes make the simple patterns with bright colors look cool.
And then: my favorite snowboards ... and ski (what I don't even do!).









Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012


The most beautiful shoe in the entire world - The Lita by Jeffrey Campbell.
In like a thousand colors, patterns and materials. Glitter, jeans, leather, spikes. Celebrities love them, fashion bloggers and fashionistas admire them and I adore them. With a price from 160€ to 220€, depending on material/pattern etc., they are not as expensive as you would expect at designer shoes. Worn with skinny jeans, hot pants, skirts or dresses, you'll never fail.

That's what I call a true fan - and of course true fashionista!

OMG. Wanna have them all! Oh, except the fur Litas, they look kinda a yeti foot. And I don't like leopard pattern. I always come upon that it looks sorta trashy. Always.

Slideshow through some of the most extraordinary patterns: space, flowers, leopard, glitter. Or ar they more? I can't see, it's too fast.

Demi Lovato, trying another Jeffrey Campbell model while having her Lita next to her.

That's one of the glitter designs.

Demi is wearing the Litas with spikes on stage with an breathtaking glitter leggings.

Charli-C Clogs

Another model of Jeffrey Campbell I love - the Charli-C. As you can see on Miley Cyrus, wearable with jeans and dress. Don't know what I'd take if I had to decide - Charli-C or Lita?

Miley wears the clogs, skinny jeans and a striped shirt, an simple, but cool look for all day.

She's rockin' the clogs on stage with a fringe dress, hat and flashy jewellery.

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

Some kinda rockstar

Do you know these kids wearing all black and looking absolutely cool and like they would care about nothing? Well, I'd love to say that I'm one of them, but I'd lie. Maybe sometimes, when everything breaks again, I'm gonna look like this and maybe this when isn't far away.
You know, wear huge black boots and skinny jeans, oh, and be skinny, and maybe a band shirt or leather jacket would do it. Take a cigarette and you are the ultimative rockstar. That doesn't sound pretty nice, does it? It was supposed to be nice cuz i love the way they look and act!

Quit smoking in an aeroplane ;) Maybe a bandana around your head gives it even more!

My absolute favorite shoes, Jeffrey Campbell Litas, exist in a Rockstar version, with spikes! Want!

This photo is just gorgeous.

Another gorgeous photo.

Oh, and I have to show you the trailer of the American version of LOL:

It's gonna be gorgeous!

Oh, and do you like my new header?

Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012


I photographed some people in London. I hope they don't mind.
To the people: If you find that blog (which I don't think) and see your photos, and if you don't want yourself to be on Internet, please contact me, and I'll delete 'em. But I cut out the faces, so you don't recognize who the persons are.

I don't know why the quality is so bad, it must be! Sorry :(

The inspiration to dye my hair :)

Waiting in skirts.

I love their outfits!

Gorgeous hair :)

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

New Year

Sorry, for myself staying away for that long.
Well, here I am.

Feel like sharing inspirationally looks with you.

Lina Tesch in two so rocking outfits!!

Lua P. got it!!

Peter Adrian - he's so cute, I can't help it!