Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Du bist so wunderbar, Berlin!

(Translation: You are so wonderful, Berlin!)
I was so busy with studying [:/] that I didn't have any time for posting some photos of Berlin =) I gotta say, we had a beautiful time there, lots of talking, drinking and eating. The time was way too short (only 4 days!), but you gotta seize every second, right? Here they are:

The Alexanderplatz. I always take photos at the point where everyone and everything meets.

I drank Bubble Tea for the first time - so tasty! And I loved the look of the ... bar? Restaurant?

We also went through Berlin by boat, the Spree's environment is beautiful, parks, city and hipsters sitting at the riverside ;)

The sight from the TV tower is great - and I would never imagine that Berlin could be that big!

Mysterious houses with secret gardens around the Spree...

Nice colors at a fruit stand at the Alexanderplatz.

Cattycorner our hotel in Friedrichshain, a cool neighborhood in Berlin with loads of restaurants, bars and life.

Other direction =)

Our first ones!

 - Holocaust Mahnmal -

Another try to take the perfect shot of the Brandenburger Tor.

My favorite photo - sadly not straight (that's what you get when your friends are not into photography) cuz I was walking, but I love the atmosphere, the light - taken in Kreuzberg, another cool neighborhood!