Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012


It's been a while since I posted the last time, and I haven't updated with the photos of Paris yet, sorry. I'm at a new school, so I'm a little stressed out with studying and society things.

Since my Dad has a huge tattoo on his upper arm, and my role models (Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato) also have a couple tattoos, I can't stop thinking about it. I even made myself a folder with tattoos I want to get in the future. Now I'm at 15 to 16 I'd like to get, but like 8 of them I will definitely get, including a few song titles, movie quotes, a feather, some hearts, an infinity sign, a yin yang sign and the word "beautiful". You might say I'll have a load of sins of my youth in the future, but I barely change my mind, and I've been planning some of these tattoos for years. I'll get my first one, a little heart, in 10 month if I have no E or F in my school certificate.

You may know I'm a reader of Epiphany in Swansea and she also has a tattoo on her back. But before, she ordered a couple fake tattoos from this Swedish website (they deliver worldwide for € 3,50) which I remembered today. Since I'll have to wait for 10 months to be really inked, I ordered some.

I was really excited about the infinity/love sign cuz that's exactly what I want as a real tattoo. Same about the BELIEVE, if you know about my Justin Bieber craziness. The lock is really funny, I saw a picture of it on tumblr, and here it is! The birds are actually a freebie, I wouldn't have bought it, but since it's free ... you know ;)
I already know that I'll be sad when they are all used.

They also have lip tattoos, a couple of "fashion" tattoos, skulls, etc. They even offer custom tattoos, 100 for €150.

A good way if you're not old enough to get a real tattoo or don't wanna have it forever :)

P.S. It was time for a font change ...

Freitag, 17. August 2012

Grow up summery

Since I'm really, really short, I'm looking for a nice pair of high heels or wedges I can wear for summer for like months. I don't find anything. But I think, high heels, especially plateau high heels which are the only ones I wear, are a bit too classy for the day, I picked some nice wedges (often with a straw heel cuz I find it looks summery) outta my favorite online shops. It would've have been nicer if I collected them at a shopping trip through the Oxford Street and bought all of them, but ... you know. 

Get ready. I have A LOT.


First of all, my two favorites:

Weaver Raffia Straw Wedges, 46€

 Wigwam Woven Espadrille Wedges, 98€

Nasty Gal

One of the coolest online shops ever - But, robs your piggy pank.


Bound Platform Wedges Black/Blush, $87
Bound Platform Wedges Slate, $54.60

 Electric Platform Wedges Coral, $100
Electric Platform Wedges Taupe, $68 

For any reason, the taupe ones are way less expensive than the coral ones, but way prettier!

Metal Mayhem Platform Wedge, $78

New Look

Go to the shop anywhere near or in (?) Oxford Street, the upper floor is every girls' dream: shoes, shoes, shoes!


Steve Madden Floral Aztec Print Wedges, £55.99

Also one of my favorites, I love the pattern!

Bella Multi Stripe Platform Wedges, £12


Sandal Wedges, 44.99€

Leather Sandal Wedges, 39.99€

Forever 21

Patent Peeptoe Wedges, $29.80

Also available in coral!

Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Taste Berlin Once Again

Well, I don't have anything new to say... I guess you gotta wait till I was in Munich (next week), Paris (in 4 weeks) and at the Atlantic Coast (in 5 weeks). But I still have some photos of Berlin, and later this week, I'll post some photos of my last visit in Munich. I hope you're not bored, soon I'll return to my "inspiring" (Well, I'm trying) fashion posts.

At any train station in Berlin... It could be Alexanderplatz, but I really forgot it.

A really cool "beach bar" by the Spree. As you can see, pretty popular. I recommend these boat tours :)

The view from the Reichstag.

While waiting for OUR boat tour...


I still can't believe they changed the name!

The beginning of Kreuzberg... go straight and then turn right to come to the o2 Arena (:


The Reichstag

Kreuzberg... again. We spent the whole evening there.

My favorite train station (:

Kreuzberg again, the photos are blurry cuz my friends always don't wanna stop walking.

Typically Berlin!

On our way to the hotel

Do you see it?

Sonntag, 8. Juli 2012

So Tight

Leggings have always been more an 80s-thing, and more sin than must-have, but in some way, they found their way into every fashionista's closet. It's a matter of opinion. For me, it's really a matter of body, and of the swatch. You need to have skinny legs which is the reason I don't wear them, and PLEASE NO LEOPARD PRINTS! Sorry. I just get so angry anytime I see anything with leopard prints. And, I gotta say, I'm really into these treggings/jeggings for lazy days at home or with long shirts. So, here are some leggings I like :)

This is the Yin Yang Print Leggings (Topshop, £20.00) which I found on first, and didn't spend hours to find actually because of Google. Her HAIR! I love it. She wears the leggings with Jeffrey Campbell's Litas (you know, one of my favorites), a simple gray top and a jeans vest which makes a really great outfit. I'm so into that leggings, I even think about buying them, future worn with my Docs ;) Tip: ebay!!!

 Leggings which are very popular are the Galaxy leggings ($75 AUD each) by which is the first adress I'd tell you at leggings. The ones I have showed here are only a couple of the Galaxys: Galaxy Pink, Galaxy Blue and Galaxy Purple.

A really rocking leggings is the Samia Stud Fron Leggings by ($25.00) which has become more "hipster". The studded things have increased and so has the style factor which is like impossible cuz it's already been one of my favorite online shops before.

Now that crosses have become more a sign of death than a sign of God it's also found its way into fashion, and so on leggings too. These two I saw on Lina Tesch, and I love nearly everything she wears. 
The Cross Of St Peter Black Leggings (, $75.00 AUD) and the Good Or Evil Leggings (, 29€). By the way, Pretty Sucks is a blogger's favorite ;)

These patriotic ones are both from and are both sold out. The Union Jack leggings is still on sale on ebay, while the Kids In Amerika legging is sewed and will be available again soon. By the way, isn't that in the right picture a great way to wear these leggings? ;)

These Fox leggings - pretty funny by (49,90€).

I love The Great Wave leggings cuz I love that Japenese picture and the ocean :) (, $75.00 AUD)

(All from, $75.00 AUD) 

It's a fact that I could spend days showing you every single leggings swatch.

By the way, maybe take a look on my new tumblr? CLICK =)

Freitag, 29. Juni 2012

Du bist so wunderbar, Berlin!

(Translation: You are so wonderful, Berlin!)
I was so busy with studying [:/] that I didn't have any time for posting some photos of Berlin =) I gotta say, we had a beautiful time there, lots of talking, drinking and eating. The time was way too short (only 4 days!), but you gotta seize every second, right? Here they are:

The Alexanderplatz. I always take photos at the point where everyone and everything meets.

I drank Bubble Tea for the first time - so tasty! And I loved the look of the ... bar? Restaurant?

We also went through Berlin by boat, the Spree's environment is beautiful, parks, city and hipsters sitting at the riverside ;)

The sight from the TV tower is great - and I would never imagine that Berlin could be that big!

Mysterious houses with secret gardens around the Spree...

Nice colors at a fruit stand at the Alexanderplatz.

Cattycorner our hotel in Friedrichshain, a cool neighborhood in Berlin with loads of restaurants, bars and life.

Other direction =)

Our first ones!

 - Holocaust Mahnmal -

Another try to take the perfect shot of the Brandenburger Tor.

My favorite photo - sadly not straight (that's what you get when your friends are not into photography) cuz I was walking, but I love the atmosphere, the light - taken in Kreuzberg, another cool neighborhood!