Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

All Summer Long

My Name Is Styles. Harry Styles.

The British hottie is member of the boy group One Direction which was "invented" on British X-Factor in 2010. In my opinion, he's the British Justin Bieber. Or he's gonna be.

We All Have Dreamz

The extra-short hot pants are hand-colored vintage denim, each of 'em is unique.
Runwaydreamz, 105€

The Cutest One

Indians coming up. No, Native Americans. No matter, the cute moccasin boots "Maddie" which's been designed by Nicole Richie are a summer it-piece (It was already one in last summer. I found them in an old library-InStyle.), worn with shorts or short summer dresses.
House of Harlow 1960 by Nicole Richie, 185€


That's how men like their clothes: Simple and cool. Many different colors and an easy style, what more could one want? And we can watch 'em playing volleyball on the beach, showing their six packs.
Swim-ology, 75€

Tuned Up

There are many cool iPhone or iPod touch cases, there are cases with bunny ears, with fur on it,... But that one is definitely one of the coolest. The case looks like a casette which we all used in our childhood. There are many different colors and you also get a box in which you can set up your iPhone/iPod Touch for wathcing vids.
Tuned up an, 15€

No Shine, Please!

Always something I don't like, sparkle and shine (just at hair stuff). I always ordered my photos in matte cuz I don't like this mirroring effect. It's too conspicuous, especially on nails. It was invented by Knockout Cosmetics by Bendel's, no, actually Bendel's made it IN again. OPI invented the matte nail polish 10 years ago, but it bombed. But the special nail polish lasts longer than normal ones for drying. And: No handcream! It makes the nails shiny again.
Mat Effect Top Coat by ARTDECO, 8€/ Matte about you by essie, 14€/ Forever Flat! by Beautybird, 9€

Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

License Tags

It's a pretty normal thing. You got a car, you may decide a cool word or a number code like 007, but in the USA, the design is beautiful.

An amazing idea, isn't it? I bought yesterday a Hawaiian license tag, it's in my room, and I'm totally in love with it.

No news in summer

Sorry for writing such weird stuff, but there are no news. Maybe next week.

Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Tattoos - Part 2

Cuz they're to many cool tattoos in the celebrity world, I had to make more than one post. This one is not as detailed as the first post.


I love this one! Her probably most known tattoo are the stars on her back. The tattoo was started in L.A., it were just some stars, in New York City it became more and more and in the end she had a milky way. The stars are a sign of protect.

Her fragrance, reb'l fleur, has of course a connection with the tattoo. Rihanna said "Rebelle Fleur, that's how my mum sees me". Sources said that the tattoo is spelled false, it's supposed to say "Fleur Rebelle".

The meaning of "Love" is obvious. The stars means protect, like her mily way. The Pisces sign behind her ear means also friendship. The "Shhh..." tattoo has actually no meaning, it's just for fun. Lindsay Lohan and Lily Allen have the same one, but Rihanna had the idea.

The arabic tattoo means "Freedom in Christ".

Obviously, the tattoo's 'bout her love to the music.

I got not all of Rihanna's tattoos, she's got like 15.

Avril Lavigne

First of all, Avril obviously loves stars. She's got 6 star tattoos apportioned all over her body. The first picture's tattoo is one of her trademarks. The last picture's tattoo - she got it cuz of her best friend, she's got the same one.

This is obviously for her ex-husband Derick Whibley.

She got inked on her ex-husband's 30th birthday. The lightning was added later.

She's showing her love to the music.

Her fashion label "Abbey Dawn" got the same cuz of her father - he always called her "Abbey Dawn" when she was younger.

She and her boyfriend Brody have matching tattoos.

Fuck - says all. It's one of her favorite words, she told in an interview.

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams got many tattoos, but I love this one the most. It's a Maori inspired tattoo, pretty big, but beautiful. The design is amazing. And another reason why I love the tattoo, my Dad's got a pretty similar one.