Freitag, 17. August 2012

Grow up summery

Since I'm really, really short, I'm looking for a nice pair of high heels or wedges I can wear for summer for like months. I don't find anything. But I think, high heels, especially plateau high heels which are the only ones I wear, are a bit too classy for the day, I picked some nice wedges (often with a straw heel cuz I find it looks summery) outta my favorite online shops. It would've have been nicer if I collected them at a shopping trip through the Oxford Street and bought all of them, but ... you know. 

Get ready. I have A LOT.


First of all, my two favorites:

Weaver Raffia Straw Wedges, 46€

 Wigwam Woven Espadrille Wedges, 98€

Nasty Gal

One of the coolest online shops ever - But, robs your piggy pank.


Bound Platform Wedges Black/Blush, $87
Bound Platform Wedges Slate, $54.60

 Electric Platform Wedges Coral, $100
Electric Platform Wedges Taupe, $68 

For any reason, the taupe ones are way less expensive than the coral ones, but way prettier!

Metal Mayhem Platform Wedge, $78

New Look

Go to the shop anywhere near or in (?) Oxford Street, the upper floor is every girls' dream: shoes, shoes, shoes!


Steve Madden Floral Aztec Print Wedges, £55.99

Also one of my favorites, I love the pattern!

Bella Multi Stripe Platform Wedges, £12


Sandal Wedges, 44.99€

Leather Sandal Wedges, 39.99€

Forever 21

Patent Peeptoe Wedges, $29.80

Also available in coral!