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Samstag, 25. Juni 2011

News Break

Have it all

D'you recognize him without reading the text on the CD cover? Oh, too late. Yeah, it's teen crush Jesse McCartney, we all had a crush on him. The singer has a new album called "Have it all". Jesse commented on the album in an interview with Billboard as, "It's full of sexy, four-on-the-floor beats with big pop melodies... but yet again, some rhythmic, R&B stuff that's pushing the envelope a little bit more for me as an artist," "I wanted to make sure that there were no boundaries. I'm 23, and I wanted to make sure there was nothing boxing me in musically or content-wise." He's 24 now, he cut his hair some time ago (sob! But doesn't remind me of somebody called....Justin?!), but he's still hot and his voice is still amazing. I'm never gonna get tired of his lovesongs.

1. Shake
2. One Night
3. The Writer
4. Club Hop
5. I Think She Likes Me
6. Tonight Is Your Night
7. I Don't Normally Do This (featuring Tyga)
8. Undo
9. Have It All
10. Mrs. Mistake
11. Seasons (My Love Will Never Change)

When the sun goes down

I already told you about Selena Gomez' new album which releases on june 28th. 4 singles already released (Who Says, Bang Bang Bang, Love You Like A Lovesong, Dices) on iTunes countdown and some songs fly around on youtube, and it's all awesome, I'm so excited for the album!!

01. Love You Like A Love Song
02. Bang Bang Bang (on iTunes June 7th)
03. Who Says
04. We Own The Night
05. Hit The Lights
06. Whiplash
07. When The Sun Goes Down
08. My Dilemma
09. That’s More Like It
10. Outlaw
11. Middle of Nowhere
12. Dices (Who Says - Spanish)

Thu Thu

First: I love these shorts (169€)!! Designer Thuy Duong Nguyen is obviously a genius, even the name of her label is amazing! Is this gonna be the new Miu Miu? Thuy studied on the internationally accepted fashion academy ESMOD (maybe I'm gonna study there!) and she assisted at Anna Sui and BCBG by Max Azria. She mixes classic styles with ethno cloth and the result is awesome!


Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl and Kim Kardashian are already in love. In Love? With the DL1961 jeans! The jeans fit like a second skin, make a slim silhouette and don't make baggy cuz of the high stretch ratio. The label comes from New York City and when celebrities love it, why shouldn't we do?

My other bag is a...

Of course. My other bag is a Gucci, YSL, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Chanel,... I love these bags with funny quotes on it. This one is by (15€), but it's also available at many other labels like ISY's (10€).

Violent Lips

Jessie J showed us on Britain's Got Talent how to rock our lips. Music manager Jeff Haddadd had the idea of Violent Lips. The foils are cut out to your personal lip shape, and then used like a tattoo decal. The lips are available with words on it (like muah, hello, xoxo, love, pattern like roses, polka dots, flags (not just British, American and French too!), cheetah (I love this word!), zebra, leopard, tiger, snake, glitter, stripes, stars and hearts. 3 pieces cost 10€, by

Neon Wayfarers

The festival time continues. The retro sunglasses are often spread at concerts and it's THE symbol of recognition of festival fans. The Wayfarers with the colored sidepieces are the new it-piece, 6€, by

Thong Sandal

I'm not pretty sure if that's gonna be a trend. It's funny, obviously, but wearing?? Don't know. I'd buy it. But am I the average teen? No matter. Y'all know (I love that quote, y'all!) that Converse All Star is always trying to invent new shoes. They do collaborations, invent new kinds of chucks, and we buy it. Let's see if that's gonna be established.

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