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Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Beautiful World

First - Start listening one of these songs:

Behind all the wars, behind the hunger and the sorrow, there's anywhere a beautiful world. Today I want you to see some pictures. If you aren't listening to one of the two songs above, please do it now.

Cuz it awakes memories.

Cuz that's freedom.

Cuz you remember the cute movie "My Girl".

Cuz childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.

Cuz love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect.

Cuz we're looking into the future.

Cuz love never changes.

Cuz the only sense of life is having a good life.

Cuz best friends are one of the most important things.

Cuz you live for the moment.

Cuz it's our time.

Cuz he's the only one who's always there for you.

Cuz all you need is LOVE.

Cuz we're young and free.

Cuz you have to live.

Cuz it's magical.

Cuz you love him.

Cuz you just have to be alone sometimes.

Cuz surprises are the best presents.

Cuz you're unique.

Cuz our men do what we can't do.

Cuz we only get sexy, baby.

Cuz it's community.

Cuz we love our parents.

Cuz we're creative.

Cuz it's our home.

Cuz you'll always remember that moment.

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