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Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011


Hair matters in our lives. Don't deny, that's the way it is. We all care about it. Boys got hair spray and hair gel and I know many boys have a hair straightener too. Girls got also hair straightener and curling irons and all our highlights and stuff. Hair is as important as clothes, if not more important. But what's hair in 2011? My favorites are mediumlength and curly or long and straight, both with center part. But I also like shoulderlength and curly. And boys... like the Bieber cut (you know) and I also like David Henrie's and Taylor Lautner's cut and of course Justin Bieber's new cut. I don't know how to describe that. And about colors, I like Miley Cyrus' butterscotch (Idk, just the color she's wearing) and also simple dark brown to black, and Rihanna's red. Boys' colors, I like black and dark blonde. But I hate blonde at girls, especially bottle blonde. Here some examples:

Selena Gomez, a great example for long and straight, also mediumlength and curly and her color, dark brown to black.. She's not just a role model in fashion, also in hair.

Miley Cyrus in her natural lenght, but colored butterscotch and I love it, also in the long version!

Rihanna, also a good example for my favorites, her color, bright red, and her cuts, long and straight and medium and curly in her music video "Only Girl".

Ariana Grande (actually brown-haired) in an awesome color and straight.

The famous Bieber cut, this flip, that almost every boy on the world is trying to keep it. But Justin is off to the next one!

Justin Bieber, rocking off his new cut. Great in dark blonde.

David Henrie showin' his tattoo and an awesome hairstyle: Black and David-like.

Taylor Lautner wears nearly the same version as David, also in black and this ... hair gel and spray thing!

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