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Why we love Instagram:

  • It’s a real time, photographic glimpse into our friend’s lives that we’ve never quite had before.
  • Phone-ography taken to the next level; having an audience = thoughtful and creative phone photos.
  • Simple format means no frills, just photos.
  • Option to keep our photo filter-free is perfect for when we’re in a purist mood.
  • 11 free filters and a square format frame will never let us forget our analog roots.
  • Joining this rapidly growing community at its very beginnings makes us feel special!
  • All kinds of fun and creativity yet to be had with this app; see our tips below

  • The App everyone is talking about: Instagram. You probably love your Nikon or Kodak, but you're anywhere in the city, see a beautiful thing and you don't have it with you. Instead you have your phone (including a camera, hopefully). Instagram is simple & fast, you take the photo, choose your filter and it uploads automatically. Now it's only iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but other versions are in work. You know the light in the summer, when it's like 5 pm? It's only one of 11 cool filters of Instagram. The App has more than 7 million users (seems less, but for an App, it isn't), among them celebrities like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rob Kardashion and more. Especially Selena is a big fan of Instagram. Here some photos made with Instagram.

    Selena Gomez and Alfredo Flores in NYC's probably most popular ice cream parlor: Serendipity. Yesterday I thought about that. You knew that you can buy the most expensive ice cream sundae there? "Grand Opulence" costs 1.000 $. More here:

    Alfredo Flores, friend of Justin Bieber and obviously now of Selena, too. I love the mood of the picture. That's instagram.

    And again: beautiful light and mood.

    What more can I say?

    "I love Instagram", Selena tweeted. Yeah, me, too!

    Selena, obviously, having fun.

    Justin Bieber postet this photo on Selena's 19th birthday.

    Justin and one of his best friends Ryan Butler, he tweeted "Me and @itsryanbutler getting our Harry potter and ozzy on". The script on his tee "F**ck you and f**ck her too" let many people go crazy till they noticed what's been also on the tee: "CeeLo Green"(his latest single "Bright Lights Bigger City), with the newcomer hit "Fuck you" (or "Forget You"). Tcha!

    And the next scandal for Selena haters: Justin wearing a shirt of her We Own The Night tour. He even appeared on the stage and sang a short medley. Selena also posted a video of her, Justin and her crew before she goes on stage, thanking everyone.

    Justin in an airplane.

    Now we also now what Justin sees when he looks down on his body.

    Justin Bieber, showing his heart. "Show Your Hearts" has been launched for kids whose parents died on an fatal car accident. More here:

    Ariana Grande posted this pic of her (beautiful) bed. I pretty like the mood again.

    That's one of the presenter photos of Instagram. Good choice!

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