Montag, 29. August 2011

Dear Diary...

Sorry, I didn't post anything for a long time. But I've been on vacation in England, it was amazing. I've never met this nice people as there, I mean, people I don't know. And the landscape is very beautiful, too. I stayed in the little village called "Perranporth", it's in Cornwall and at the seaside. The ocean in England is pretty cold, but the waves are great for surfing, what I did a lot. But London was also amazing. It's an awesome city. So, before I come back to regular posts, here's a short photo diary of my journey. Please don't copy the photos without my permission :). All photos are taken by me and edited with Instagram.

This sunrise wasn't in England yet, it's in Calais at the harbor.

The first sunset in London at the campside.

Yay, tube! It's actually strange, but I really love going by subway!

That girl, sittin' in a tube, didn't even notice that I took a photo of her. I totally love her hair color!

It seems as the other people don't like the subway as much as I like it.

Piccadilly Circus, one of my favorite places in London.

I'm so sad that Harry Potter's over! I started reading the books when I was like 8, and I also love the movies!

Camden Market - my absoulte shopping favorite! There's many tourist stuff, but also special clothes you won't find anywhere else!

Another sunset in London.

I had to take a photo - they looked so good (in a photo-way, but also goodlooking).

The London Eye - I wasn't in it, too long line of people.

We escaped from rain to a Starbucks - and everybody's got a laptop.

The Tower Bridge - really cool.

Totally beautiful ocean in Perranporth.

Sunset in Perranporth.

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