Dienstag, 1. November 2011

Hat Break

It's gettin' colder, guys! Here are the cutest, funniest and prettiest hats to keep your head warm in the winter days.


The Panda hat was fastly old out and even faster when Katy Perry was seen wearing it in the River Island stores. Since then many companies reproduced it like Topshop and C&A. This times it's hard to get, maybe on ebay.

Xmas Tree

This pretty hat is one of my favorites. The cute details and the star on the top... and it's just unique, and a great idea!
Freflare.com, $34


I found this cute reindeer hat on a blog called Owl in the dark. She made this hat by herself and you can get more information here.


Another way to express that you love cupcakes - we already had bracelets, rings and earrings... To buy in three colors.
Fredflare.com, $30


Doesn't remind you the lion hat of anything?? Think...think...Luna Lovegood's hat in Harry Potter! Nice! And the cute monkey is also pretty cool! And so the other variant of the panda hat!
Fredflare.com, $18


Um, well... If you wear this hat you're either really courageous and love to try new things or you're a real jokster or... you must really love turkey. Really. Hey, or may you just love food...or Thanksgiving!?
Fredflare.com, $30

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