Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

I whip my hair back and forth...

On Saturday I'm gonna dye my hair red, as red as Ariana Grande's. Yay, I'm so excited!!

Here are some amazing hairdos I wanna show you.

Really interesting is this rainbow thing. I really love it, but I wouldn't wear it. Too much work. But it looks really beautiful, I mean, it says kinda "I love life", doesn't it?

I love this variant of the rainbow colors - only the hair-ends! But I guess that only works when you're blonde. And the two pictures of the same girl wearing the same clothes but having two different hair colors are obviously fake, it looks funny though. But the blonde girls with the pink and purple hair-ends - nice! I really think, that colored-hair-ends-thing is a blonde-thing. It just looks good if you have light hair.

My favorite - only one bright color. Especially red and pink. Never wrong. In London I saw so many different hair colors - red, purple, pink, even green!

Pastel colors - very pretty. Especially that lavender one. But you have to be pale to wear it.

Different colors - like the rainbow colors: much work - are also really pretty, no matter if they match or are the total opposite.

Some pretty braided queues - the blonde one looks amazing, and so this wavy braided line through the hair.

Seems like many girls have the need to show their hair - well, it looks pretty!

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