Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Berlin, Berlin, I'm going to Berlin

Sorry that I was again away so long... Didn't had many ideas, you know.
Well, soon I'll have vacation again, 2 weeks school yet, then 2 weeks vacation! And it's gonna be great cuz I'm gonna go to Berlin for 5 days with my friends!! I've already been there 2 times (sIt's such a beautiful city, but not in the sense of beauty like ... Idk, like Rome maybe, rather like New York. It has this mood that is just amazing. I don't know how to describe it, you must have seen it. The people are great, so nice and the street styles are the best! The last time I've been there was more than a year ago, it was April 2nd and 3rd, Justin Bieber live in concert (I know what you're gonna say. Shame on me. But I love him!), and it was great, we had gorgeous weather and we stood up really early on 3rd so the city was left. Really cool. And now, some photos I took at these days, I hope I didn't post 'em already?!

The Alexanderplatz in the middle of Berlin on Saturday. The photo's not thaaat great.

Maaany nail polishs at KIKO, a make-up store in the shopping center Alexa. It's a label from Milano and it's not expensive, but beautiful. In two words: Girls' Paradise.

Sorry, I just needed to do that. Worldwide Superstar, Mr. Justin Bieber.

And now Sunday:

A club near the o2 World Arena. I really liked the name :)

That's what I meant. Left.

Nobody out there...

The elevator of the subway looks like more than an elevator in this picture. It's literally glowing!


The Brandenburger Tor. A must-see.

Another view...

And at least the Holocaust Mahnmal. 
Man, I got this strange feeling that I've posted 'em already... Please let me know if I did. I don't find the post, but it so feels like a déja-vu...
Whatever, I still got two posts from the amazing blog Park & Cube. It belongs to Shini Park and if you're as fashion obsessed as me, you probably already know it. She posts very beautiful and professional photos from cities, fashion events and outfits, and one of the cities was Berlin, she made two posts of it, that one and  that one. Take a look, her photos express the mood better than I could explain it with words.
And I'm really excited to show you the photos I'm gonna take soon :)
Did I already mention that I love the new blogger design? Expecially the section of posting is way better than the old one. I hated posting photos before, but now it's pretty easy.

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