Montag, 9. April 2012

Be Free

After my last idealess post, now I have some inspiring photos for you.
My latest hypes on lookbook:

Mohcine A. from Morocco looks laid back by chucks, jeans and an Adidas tee.

Peter A. from L.A. plays our cute neighbor boy and we love it.

Chloe D. from France is rocking a Guns'N'Roses tee and high waisted shorts.

Iga W. from Poland looks cool, but sweet in that simple combo with tee, shorts, jeans jacket and sneakers.

Bobby R. from Toronto seems to be an thoughtful artist...who knows?! All jeans & tee looks great anyway.

I love that look from UK. Halloween all year, guys!

Mike Q. from Bucharest is not American - but looks like one. Flags will never go.

Isa X. from Sweden seems to be my soulmate. Well, except the fact that she's in shape and is able to wear cropped shirts without tank underneath ;)

I really don't know why the quality is always that bad when I'm uploading photos from my computer instead of web! I hate that!

All photos taken by called lookbook users and admired by me.

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