Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

Selena Gomez - Teen Vogue Shoot

You're watching Eurovision Song Contest right now? Like I do? Well, many songs are ... bad. Yes, they are. Now, I'm from Germany, I want Lena to win (and I got the same name as she has!), but is she gonna win? We're gonna see. Now to the issue. Selena Gomez just shooted her cover photos for the popular American teen fashion magazine Teen Vogue (Y'all know, I adore Teen Vogue. Why does Europe not have a own Teen Vogue? Why? Why does Germany not have a own one?), and she did a short interview vid, and a lil bit longer interview. I don't wanna copy it, Teen Vogue has its copyright, but you can find the link below. Im gonna try to get this June/July issue, but I don't think it's gonna work. The full interview is in this issue, but the text on the website is very comprehensive. She talked about her change during the last few years, cute little teen girl to elegant young lady. Y'all know 'bout her upcoming movie, Monte Carlo, with Co-Stars Leighton Meester, Katie Cassidy and (sadly) Cory Monteith (I don't like him. When i watch Glee, what I don't do often, his nature is very strange to me. I saw him before in Kyle XY, and I didn't like him. In my - more or less arrogant - opinion, Kurt and Mercedes are only cool characters in Glee.) And she talked, of course, bout her single Who Says, the first single from her forthcoming third album. I really love her voice, it's so deep. That's why I love Miley's voice too. And her nature is so ... naturally! And her style is just awesome. You must love her. She's my role model (she shares the place with Miley Cyrus), like she is the role model of many other girls. And whatever she does, I'm gonna like her. Miley Cyrus did some trash (you know the bong story?), but I still like her. She just grows up. And that's how Selena's gonna do. She'll grow up. Maybe not this way, but she will and she already did. But as long as she's good, let's not provoke it. Here are the beautiful pics of the shooting. But if you ask me, the bright red lipstick is a bit too much on the last two photos, she looks better when she's au natural.

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