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Montag, 30. Juli 2012

Taste Berlin Once Again

Well, I don't have anything new to say... I guess you gotta wait till I was in Munich (next week), Paris (in 4 weeks) and at the Atlantic Coast (in 5 weeks). But I still have some photos of Berlin, and later this week, I'll post some photos of my last visit in Munich. I hope you're not bored, soon I'll return to my "inspiring" (Well, I'm trying) fashion posts.

At any train station in Berlin... It could be Alexanderplatz, but I really forgot it.

A really cool "beach bar" by the Spree. As you can see, pretty popular. I recommend these boat tours :)

The view from the Reichstag.

While waiting for OUR boat tour...


I still can't believe they changed the name!

The beginning of Kreuzberg... go straight and then turn right to come to the o2 Arena (:


The Reichstag

Kreuzberg... again. We spent the whole evening there.

My favorite train station (:

Kreuzberg again, the photos are blurry cuz my friends always don't wanna stop walking.

Typically Berlin!

On our way to the hotel

Do you see it?

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